Will QManager work with our existing system?

Will QManager work with our existing system?

We get this question from a lot of school directors who already have systems such as ProCare, Montessori Compass etc. working in their schools. Yes, QManager works in conjunction with any system! 70% of our current schools use QManager in addition to their main system; they export information from their system and we automatically upload it to QManager.

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    Arrivals and dismissal are usually seen as an additional system to the main parent/child database. Where your main system helps you with admissions, billing, history etc., QManager acts as an add-on that grabs parent/child info from your main system and provides reports such as attendance, absentee, activity club hours, roll call and pretty much anything attached to the timestamp when children are dropped off and picked up. The working of these 2 systems parallel to each other is seamless and does not add any additional work. Even the username and password to these 2 systems can be the same.

    Isn’t technology great!? If you would like to talk to any of our existing customers on how QManager works, please contact us.

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