QManager Brings Order to School Dismissals

QManager Brings Order to School Dismissals

Too often, school dismissal is a time of controlled chaos. As the entire student population converges on the school lobby, students meet with friends, roughhouse, and head to multiple and varied destinations: after school activities, buses, and family cars or carpools. At the same time, school staff frantically thumb through a mountain of schedule change forms to ensure students are where they are supposed to be. Now school staff are also trying to keep students at least six feet apart to prevent COVID-19’s spread.


If your school is facing these challenges, you’re not alone. However, with a dismissal management system such as QManager, you can gain control of your school’s dismissal operations and employ best practices. With dismissal software, you will:

Increase Accountability and Security

A school safety platform provides confirmation and accountability that ensures student safety. For example, through QManager’s student tracking and electronic sign in/sign out procedures, staff can run up-to-date attendance reports that show where students are and who they are with at a moment’s notice.

QManager’s school dismissal software also confirms that any change in a student’s schedule has been requested by a parent or guardian. Their digitized signatures, which are kept in the cloud, are used to verify that any schedule changes and additions to a child’s driver list or emergency contacts are valid.

QManager’s school dismissal system further ensures that all students are accounted for at dismissal. Every time a student is signed out of school, QManager stamps the time, records a digital signature, and sends a digital alert to parents and staff. Teachers confirm that the child is leaving with an authorized adult from the guardian list displayed on their screen.

Parents as well as school staff appreciate QManager’s student tracking and accountability features. “Parents love it,” says Gabriel Salgado, principal of Pease Communications and Technology Academy in Texas. “They are happy that we have increased security on our campus.”

Improve Traffic Flow

QManager’s school car pick up line app has reduced car line wait times from 30-35 to 15 minutes. Rather than students roaming around looking for their ride or school staff identifying a student’s ride from a long line of cars, students are dismissed by their teacher only when their parent or guardian arrives and signs them out on their mobile phones.

“As soon as people started using QManager, dismissal got faster,” says Jon Sonbuchner, an administrator at Westminster Christian Academy in Louisiana. Sonbuchner adds that the wait time for parents and guardians was reduced significantly, and the line of waiting cars no longer reaches the highway.

QManager’s school pick up system offers another important advantage, too–students are engaged in educational activities under their teacher’s supervision until their parent or another authorized driver arrives.

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    Reduce Paperwork, Save Staff Time

    A school dismissal software system makes the overwhelming paperwork burden associated with student sign in and sign outs a thing of the past. With dismissal automation for schools, such as QManager, parents or guardians sign students in and out electronically, and the information is stored in the cloud in real time. The childcare dismissal software allows teachers and administrators to quickly verify that a student’s schedule change is approved by a parent or guardian and the student is leaving with an approved adult.

    Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

    COVID safety software for schools enables your school to meet the Center for Disease Control’s COVID-19 school recommendations. With QManager, for instance, parents simply complete health screening questions on their smartphones, and the information is automatically recorded and reported to staff. In addition, all staff are alerted when a child has a fever.

    QManager’s school dismissal software also ensures that social distancing is maintained during dismissal. Since teachers release students from class only when parents arrive and sign them out on QManager’s app, only a few students are in the hallways and lobby at any one time. And, QManager’s remote sign in/sign out function eliminates the need for parents to manually perform these tasks, thus eliminating crowding in the main office.

    Give Parents, Teachers, and Administrators Peace of Mind

    In the confusion of unruly school dismissals, it’s all too easy for a student to board the wrong bus, clamber in the wrong car, or be left stranded at school. It’s a situation no one finds acceptable.

    QManager’s school dismissal software system not only streamlines dismissal procedures, it also gives schools up-to-date tracking of students that can be accessed by parents, teachers, and administrators. It’s a system that ensures students are where they are supposed to be and gives peace of mind to all.

    Find out how automated school dismissal software can bring order and safety to your school’s dismissal procedures. Contact QManager for a demonstration today.

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