Carline Management

Cut Dismissal time in half!

  • Dismiss children in the order parents arrive.
  • Engage children in their own classroom until their carpool arrives.
  • Know when all children have been dismissed and who picked them up.

Digital Sign In-Out

Be state compliant by increasing dismissal accountability.

  • Capture and store timestamps and signatures digitally for 7 years.
  •  Retrieve historical attendance data with a few clicks.
  • Instantly run attendance, tardy, evacuation and many other reports.

Carpool & Pick up Slips

Add and manage carpool schedules instantly and sync with all staff.

  • Set expiration dates for carpools.
  • Save paper and lost carpool information.
  • Easily verify carpool in the driveway.

Communicate with Parents

Stay in touch with parents for alerts and regular notifications:

  • Send Push notifications, SMS or email.
  • Communicate to all parents at once, or by classroom or to individuals.
  • Allow parents to communicate with school staff through our app.

Manage Bus Routes with Efficiency

Manage Bus schedules and assignments with our add-on module.

  • Assign children to buses and monitor drop offs.
  • Alert parents of bus drop offs in their neighborhood.
  • Decrease staff confusion of who’s dropping students at their home.



“We appreciate the QManager team promptly responding to the solutions we’ve needed all these years.”

Susan Locke
(Bellevue Montessori)