Managing stress during holidays

Managing stress during holidays

The holidays are approaching fast; for students, that means classroom parties, arts and crafts, yummy treats, and a long break from school work. However, both schools and families alike must have a plan in place to manage the holiday season effectively. While students and families get ready to leave town on vacation, schools are left to oversee attendance and early dismissal which can easily become overwhelming and disorganized. Dismissal software allows schools to manage messy holiday carlines, implements a straightforward communication platform for parents and administrators, and provides an easy-to-use attendance display.

Decongest the holiday carline with dismissal software

As families filter out of town for the holidays, they often need to pick up students from school at different times than usual. This causes carlines to become congested and frustrating for both the drivers and those managing the parking lot. Holiday pick-up is already stressful enough– rushing to the airport, beating holiday traffic, gathering last-minute school supplies that need to be brought home, etc– however, implementing a carline school management program makes this process easier than ever. Utilizing digital carline management software allows the school to see when a student’s ride has arrived and can dismiss them accordingly as well as being able to see which guardian has picked them up for the day. Amongst all the hustle and bustle that is school dismissal, carline management is an essential tool for schools and guardians to be certain that all students make it to their destination safely.

Stress-free communication creates peace of mind during the holidays

It is no surprise that parents and guardians have a lot on their hands during this time of year– %77 of American families report exuberant amounts of stress during the holiday season, so much so that they are unable to relax with family nor celebrate at all. All of this stress leaves parents and guardians vulnerable to forgetfulness and frustration when it comes to troublesome tasks like school pick-up. Open communication between schools and parents often takes the form of emails or letters sent home by the student who, more often than not, forgets to pass along the message. Because of this, parents don’t receive live information that would otherwise help to remind them of important school events or changes in dismissal procedure. The parental communication feature of school dismissal software allows schools to send guardians Push notifications and SMS texts. This feature is especially useful during the holidays when party planning or gift-buying overwhelms our to-do lists. It is crucial to be reminded of pick-up or of any school events that might have slipped the mind; after all, we are only human!

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    A central attendance database keeps teachers organized during the holidays

    A record number of classroom absences flood the attendance sheets every holiday season and can become confusing for teachers and administrators. Records of attendance have historically been kept on sheets of paper causing tremendous clutter and have often gotten lost over the years. A centralized database for student attendance has never been more crucial as teachers prepare for the influx of student absences in the days before a holiday break. During the holidays, it is not uncommon for a student to have to leave in the middle of the day which is why all of their teachers need to know exactly when that student was present and when they were dismissed. The holidays are meant for celebration and togetherness; let’s foster that ideal by utilizing a digital hub for attendance that makes it easier than ever for all teachers and school staff to see important information regarding a students’ whereabouts in just a few clicks.

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