How Qmanager Solved Dismissal at Different Sized Schools

How Qmanager Solved Dismissal at Different Sized Schools

School dismissal is a part of the daily routine of millions of children and parents across the U.S. It is a period that concerns student security and the entire community’s well-being. While there is not a panacea solution that can apply to all the schools in the country, there are instruments that each institution can use and adapt to improve this everyday practice.

From our experience, we have learned that various types of schools deal with different issues and that the size of the institution is a critical factor of the emotional and physical safety of our children. School capacity is also an indicator of what that institution requires to employ an efficient dismissal system.

We have designed QManager to comply with the various needs of different-sized schools in America. This dismissal software can easily match the dismissal requirements of your educational institute. Whether you are the director of a small school or a large academic institution, you can rely on the efficiency of this practical dismissal solution.

Here is how QManager can improve dismissal time at your school:

Small Schools

If you are the director of a small school (<100 students), you undoubtedly have a good understanding of who your students are. You may even know personally some of their parents and guardians, as well as their daily schedules and work obligations. However, not even an excellent knowledge of your community can save you from the hassle of everyday school dismissal.

Similar to other directors of small schools in the country, you are probably using a clipboard and paper to manage the dismissal of your students. This system is not necessarily a poor dismissal method, but it can prove to be slow, paper-wasting, time-demanding and confusing at times.

QManager steps in as an electronic replacement of the regular clipboard and it aims to enhance school dismissal efficiency. It only requires a simple iPad that enables daily actions like singing in and out to become quicker and easier to manage. This school dismissal software strengthens the communication bond between the school and the parents, and it drastically reduces the time that students waste before their ride can pick them up.

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    Medium-Sized Schools

    With medium-sized schools (>120 students) there is always the issue of overcrowding the driveway and overworking the staff during dismissal time. From our collaboration with different medium-sized institutions in the country, we have identified two major issues that affect student dismissal and slow down the process.

    One of these problems regards medium-sized schools that have a small capacity driveway, and which can only fit so many parent cars before they overflow into the street and block the traffic in the area.

    The second issue concerns medium-sized schools that have a really long driveway. Here, the school staff has to make numerous trips up and down the driveway to take kids to their guardians’ cars and get their signatures. In some cases, parents leave their vehicles and overcrowd the lobby while waiting for their children to come out of the classrooms.

    QManager comes to alleviate the problems of medium-sized schools whether they have a small or a long driveway. This easy-to-use dismissal app improves communication between the school staff and the parents. With efficient car line management, the staff can see a virtual line up of the parents present in the driveway and send the children outside according to it. This process enables a quick clean-up of the parking lot and prevents traffic congestion.

    Additionally, the staff does not have to walk down the long driveway to get the signatures nor do the parents have to step out of the cars. Both of them can confirm school dismissal through the unique code system in the app on their smartphones and iPads.

    Large Schools

    Large educational institutions usually have to deal with equally big dismissal problems. One of the most common issues that we encounter when working with large schools is the lack of efficient car line management.

    These institutes usually have more than 200 students, and when dismissal time comes around most of them flock to the lobby to meet almost the same number of parents that are crammed together and desperate to get out as soon as possible. Anyone teaching or having their kid studying in a large school is well-aware of the chaos and frustration of everyday dismissal time.

    QManager proposes a rapid improvement of dismissal efficiency in large schools. This dismissal software enables school staff to have an iPad in every class from where they can monitor the entire signing out process. In the app, they can see the virtual carline outside and send the children to their parents only when their cars reach the front of the line. Again, parents can easily wait in their cars and advance quickly without congesting the driveway.

    We designed and perfected QManager after working closely on efficient dismissal solutions with numerous schools, camps, and childcare centers of different sizes. You can read more about our successful results in the Case Studies section and find out how we use our expertise and dedication to create smooth dismissal software solutions for various types of schools.

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