How Qmanager Saves Your School $10,000 every Year

How Qmanager Saves Your School $10,000 every Year

As a school administrator, you surely know that managing a school is easier said than done. Between supervising the staff, overseeing the students and solving unexpected issues your day’s work is never done. On top of all that, you have to deal with school dismissal, which takes up time, patience, and most importantly, precious funds from your budget.

Our experience in working with schools all around the country shows that using QManager can save significant resources of time and money for your school.

How QManager saves you money

QManager is a school dismissal solution that drastically reduces the amount of money you spend yearly on paper and clipboards.

This intuitive software requires only an iPad to control the singing in and out process when parents come to drop or pick up their children. It has easy-to-use options of communication between school staff and parents that make actual signatures on paper redundant.

By using QManager you can save up to $8,000 per year on paper, clipboards, and pens. That money can easily go into other investments for your school, hiring new staff or enhancing school facilities.

Additionally, you do not end up with entire cabinets filled with folders of school dismissal forms. QManager stores all interactions between school staff and parents as well as extensive reports on student activity that you can always access at the touch of a button.

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    How QManager saves you time

    Most schools look at dismissal time as the most chaotic part of their daily activity. The students go out of their class all at once and parents come to pick up their children in a disorganized fashion. Meanwhile, the driveway becomes congested, and the staff is running around frantically between cars to get signatures from the parents.

    QManager solves these issues by keeping the children in their classes and the parents in a straight, organized carline in the driveway.

    This school dismissal software features effective carline management tools that show the staff the order in which parents are waiting outside. This way, students can go outside one by one in accordance with the arrival of their parent’s car.

    Since signing out can be done instantly in QManager, the staff members do not need to run around the driveway anymore. Instead, they can patiently dismiss students individually and complete the dismissal process in a matter of seconds.

    By using QManager and reducing all the hassle of dismissal time, your school can save up to $2,000 per year on the time that staff would normally use trying to get signatures and dismiss children safely to their parents.

    All in all, QManager can cost you up to $1/child per month and save $6/child per month in paper, time, staff and equipment cost. It keeps your folder cabinet empty, your lobby free, your driveways clear, and your staff happy. Last, but not least, it relieves the stress of dismissal time to ease your day’s work as a school administrator.

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