How QManager Works
Parents run QManager on their Smartphones as they pull up to the school or camp
Parents sign for children on their Smartphones without having to step foot out of their car or enter the building:

Parent's location in the queue is sent to staff's iPad or tablet.

Student attendance is captured including parent's signature.

Billing and COVID-19 health screening reports are at your fingertips.

Staff monitor and manage Arrivals & Dismissal on an iPad or tablet
Staff see a virtual map or list of parents in the driveway:

Dismiss children in the order parents arrive (avoid shouting over walkie-talkies).

Teachers engage with children in the classroom instead of a chaotic lobby.

Increase social distancing and enable contact less Arrivals & Dismissal.

Teachers run QManager on their iPad, tablet or laptop
Teachers engage with students while keeping an eye on parents as they arrive:

Teachers hear a notification on their device as parents arrive.

Dismissal data is updated centrally keeping all staff informed.

Parents can communicate directly with their child’s classroom.

Reports at your fingertips
Electronic Sign In and Sign Out enable staff to retrieve and run reports instantly:

Attendance & Absentee

COVID-19 Health Screening

Authorized Pick ups


and much more

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