Getting Ready for a New School Season with QManager

Getting Ready for a New School Season with QManager

As you think about summer or next school season, here are some steps that will help you manage your school’s family data and make it easier to transition in QManager:

1. Families who are leaving your school:
It is best to delete any families or students who are no longer attending your school next year. This step keeps your data clean and the iPads running smoothly and fast. QManager saves 7 years worth of Sign In-Out timestamps and signatures. Deleting families will not affect that data.
Action: under Parent management, select all the families not attending anymore and click “Delete Family”. To delete individual students,

2. Suspend families for summer:
You may also suspend families who are not attending during summer and are planning on coming back next school year.
Action: Click on Parents page, then un-collapse the student, and then click “Suspend” next to the parent’s name to suspend them. You will need to un-suspend them before next year.

3. “Graduate” students to next class:
You can easily graduate or move students to their next class on the Family page.
Action: Once you filter the family page data by classroom, select multiple students, click on “Move to Room” and then select the room to move them to. This will save you a lot of time moving students 1 by 1.

4. Extend guardian expiration dates:
Typically guardians and carpools are set to expire a year after they were added. If you added any of them last Sep, then they will expire Sep 2021. It is a good idea to extend them for another 6 or 12 months on the Guardian page.
Action: head over to the Guardian page. Select any of the guardians or all, then select a timeline from the drop down on the right and extend their expiration dates.

5. Upload new families using our script:
Instead of adding new families one by one, you can export them into a spreadsheet and we can upload for you using our script. Please note there is a one-time $50 charge for this. We can also enable you to upload it yourself through our script.
Action: Please reach out if you need either of these options.

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