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For Principals

Reports to gauge how dismissal is running at your school

We built QManager in partnership with principals and school directors. When school staff use QManager at your school, camp or day care, principals and directors are able to keep a bird’s eye view on attendance, schedules, dismissal time efficiencies and so much more. Contact us today to chat about how we can help dismissal for you.

For Administrators

Take control of dismissal at your school

From the school lobby to the driveway, QManager puts staff in control of dismissal by connecting them to parents in the driveway. Instead of using old and manual ways such as paper and pen, and walkie-talkies, QManager speeds up dismissal through parents’ smart phones and tablets. Capture dismissal timestamps and signatures instantly and see parents’ location in the driveway in a much more intuitive way. Dismiss children in the right order and cut dismissal time in half.

For Parents

Peace of mind and satisfaction with schools

Parents love QManager! We have heard from many parents that they find QManager very easy & intuitive to use. When parents get to pick their kids up and exit the driveway in half the time, they are able to connect with their children much more and get on with their day. Parents have also found the messaging feature much easier than phone calls to let school staff know about tardies and early (or late) pick ups.

For Teachers

Engage with students longer by keeping them in the classroom

With QManager, teachers are able to dismiss students from the classroom rather than send them to a noisy and often chaotic lobby, in turn enhancing their engagement with children. Each classroom holds a tablet and displays the virtual line up of parents in the driveway. Teachers then dismiss children as their parents pop-up on the screen. QManager also voices parents’ names so teachers don’t have to constantly watch the tablet.


QManager connects staff to parents with an app

Step 1

Staff run QManager on Tablets

At dismissal time, school staff run QManager on iPads or Android tablets. The app is their command central to monitor and guide dismissal. They see:

A line up of parents in the driveway.
Sign In/Sign Out information.
The Dismissal List View.
Messages from parents.

Step 2

Parents run QManager on smartphones

As parents arrive in the school driveway, they run QManager. The app securely sends their location and information to the school’s iPads enabling dismissal to go smoothly. Parents can:

Sign their kids in or out.
Message school staff.
Act as car pool for authorized kids.

Step 3

Principals run Reports

QManager equips principals with several reports including:

Roll Call.

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