QManager connects staff to parents with an app


sign in sign out

Speed up dismissal with electronic Sign In-Out

Parents sign for kids using QManager on their smart phones or on school’s tablets placed in the lobby. No long lines for the same clipboard and no staff needed to walk around with paper and pen. Timestamps and signatures are stored on the cloud for school staff to view or run reports on.

Easy carline management with a virtual queue

Parents run QManager on their smart phones when they enter your driveway. Staff see a virtual map or list view of parents on a tablet enabling them to bring kids out in the right order, speeding up dismissal.


Engage with the kids during dismissal

Some of our larger schools run QManager on tablets in each classroom. This allows teachers to engage with students while keeping an eye on parents as they arrive. QManager notifies teachers with a sound as parents arrive. Children get more time with their peers instead of waiting in a packed and noisy lobby, and teachers manage only students for their own classroom.

Reports at your fingertips!

Once QManager captures Sign In-Out timestamps, staff can run several reports such as attendance, roll call, billing, unscheduled hours and much more.

Benefits for Everyone

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