How QManager Works

1. Can QManager use geofencing to track pickups?

Yes, QManager creates a geofence around the school’s driveway. School staff manage dismissal only for parents who are inside this defined radius, and parents will only be able to sign children in or out within the geofence.

2. Can QManager handle carpool information?

Yes! QManager allows you to add additional guardians e.g., nannies, grandparents, uncles and aunts, ensuring safety in releasing children to authorized individuals only. 

3. Which SIS does QManager sync with?

QManager syncs school data with quite a few SIS systems through GG4L. We also sync directly with Veracross. Alternatively, schools can sync their family data through Excel.

4. Can parents use QManager even if they don't have a smart phone?

Parents who don’t have a smartphone can sign using the staff’s iPad, eliminating the need for clipboards and paper sign in/out lists which must be manually entered into attendance software.

5. What does QManager do and how does it work?

QManager organizes arrivals and dismissal at public and private schools. When parents arrive in the school’s driveway, they run QManager on their smartphones which communicates their location to school staff on their iPads or Desktops. Dismissal staff verify carpool information with QManager and dismiss students in an efficient order. QManager records the arrival and departure of students and can also export that data for billing, attendance, or other needs.

Getting Started

6. How does the FREE trial work?

The FREE trial starts when you are ready and lasts 14 days. In these 14 days we guide your staff to learn how QManager can help your school with Dismissal. The trial does not require any obligation or even a credit card. 

7. How do we get started with the FREE Trial?

We will create an account for your school and you can start the trial within 24 hours. You have the option of using test data, or to use your own family data uploaded securely to our servers. Start your trial.

8. We have many parents and children. How do we enter this data into QManager?

You can sync QManager with your family data through Veracross or GG4L. You can also upload your data securely with a single mouse click. All you need is to export the data into a spreadsheet in a format we provide. Individual families and children can also be added within the system manually.


9. How secure is the app and the family data we provide?

Your data is encrypted in our database. Our database and web services reside on secure servers behind the latest firewalls in a secure facility. Our cloud is hosted with Sectorlink, a reputable Michigan-based company. For further information, click here to see our privacy and security notice.

10. Why does QManager need parents' phone's location and storage area?

QManager needs parents’ phone location so we can show their position in the driveway to the school. This in turn speeds up dismissal. Only the school can see a parent’s location. Once a parent turns QManager off, their location is not tracked or shown to the school.

QManager also needs to store parents’ signature and car pool information on their device so the school knows which children to bring out during dismissal. We do not share this information with anyone outside the school.

11. Need more information? Still have questions?