End To End Covid Readiness


With the pandemic turning a corner, principals are asking how they can safely reopen their schools and prevent the virus’s spread once they are reopened. Experts say principals should consider two factors when determining when to have in-person class: the pervasiveness of the virus in the school’s community and state and local guidelines for school re-openings.


Then, to keep students and staff safe, safety measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control: mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing—must be implemented. The  University of California San Francisco report, How to Reopen Schools Safely during COVID-19, According to Pediatricians, also recommends that schools conduct daily wellness checks.


QManager’s automated school dismissal software gives schools the means to implement many of these critical steps from end to end during Arrivals & Dismissal.


1. Wellness Checks

One of the most import things schools can do to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 is conduct wellness checks, states the UCSF report.

“First, schools will need to find an appropriate way to screen everyone coming onto the campus—students, teachers, and staff—and ask those with symptoms to stay home,” the report says.

School wellness checks can easily and effectively be conducted with QManager’s COVID safety software for schools. Each morning parents answer health screening questions on their smartphones, either from home or at the school driveway, and the answers are recorded and reported to staff. In addition, school staff are alerted whenever a parent or school nurse reports that a child has a fever. Within a matter of seconds, school staff can take immediate steps to contain the virus at their school.


2. Social Distancing

QManager’s automated school dismissal software also enables schools to meet the CDC’s guidelines, as well as some state’s safety regulations, for school reopenings. For example, to encourage social distancing, the Washington State Department of Health requires schools to keep students in smaller groups of about 15—a guideline that could be difficult to accomplish at school dismissal times.


With QManager’s school dismissal software system, students are dismissed individually. As a result, schools can ensure there are much fewer than 15 students in hallways or school lobbies at any one time, and social distancing can easily be enforced.


Plus, because teachers release students only when their ride arrives, fewer staff are needed to direct students. Those staff who do oversee school dismissals can ensure students stay six feet from each other while boarding buses and other rides and when seated.


QManager ‘s contactless pick up and drop off capability also promotes social distancing by eliminating the need for office visits by parents and students.


3. Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is another essential step in preventing the virus’s spread in schools, according to the CDC’s Interim Guidelines for Case Investigation and Contact Tracing in K-12 Schools. Furthermore, contact tracing must begin a soon as possible, “’Ideally, within a few hours of identifying a positive case, you’d be able to know everybody who that person was in contact with,” states the UCSF report.


QManager’s school dismissal management system facilitates contact tracing by providing instant, comprehensive attendance reporting.  Should a student fall ill with or be exposed to the virus, QManager’s  attendance reports give a historical and up-to-the-minute record of when the student was dropped off at school, which classes the student attended and all his classmates, and any afterschool activity the student participated in and with whom. It will even provide a record of who has picked the student up from school. Staff can then use the communication module to alert the student’s parents as well as the classroom or the whole school.


4. Improve Operations and Planning

An additional advantage of QManager’s school dismissal software system is that it’s attendance recording software complies with state attendance record regulations. Teachers record attendance and tardies automatically. Then, with a simple click, school staff can get accurate, up-to-date accounting of each student’s attendance.


With QManager’s comprehensive student attendance software, school staff knows who to alert if a student or staff member is, or has been exposed to, the virus. It also provides schools with an overall picture of virus exposure, which they can examine to determine if the school needs to revise its schedule.


More Ways that QManager Helps Schools Run Efficiently


Better Traffic Flow

QManager’s  school car pick up line app significantly cuts car wait time. When parents arrive they notify their child’s teacher using their smartphone,  the teacher releases the child, and the child easily and quickly finds or is directed to her ride. Long, haphazard wait lines disappear and traffic flows smoothly into and out of the school’s entryway.


Less Paperwork

QManager’s school dismissal software puts an end to the mounds of paperwork associated with student sign in/sign outs. Parents and other authorized individuals sign students in and out electronically, enabling staff to easily and quickly verify student schedule and driver changes.


Controlled School Dismissals

QManager’s school dismissal software system brings order to chaotic dismissals. With QManager’s childcare dismissal software, students are dismissed from class only when their teacher receives an electronic notice from the parent’s phone that they have arrived. As a result, there are no crowded hallways or lobbies, and students know where their rides are and who is picking them up—even if there has been a last minute change in their schedule.


Improved Accountability

With QManager’s school safety platform, every change to a student’s schedule, whether it be an early dismissal or a new driver,  is confirmed. When such requests are made, QManager’s school pick up system verifies the requester’s signature. Also, when students are signed out of school, the time is recorded, the driver is confirmed as being authorized, and an alert is sent to parents and staff.


QManager’s dismissal management system has multiple capabilities that help schools reopen safely during the pandemic, including critically important wellness screenings, social distancing, and contract tracing.


QManager’s affordable, customizable school dismissal software also helps schools run smoothly and safely, ensuring each student is accounted for at all times.


Call today to see how QManager can help your school keep everyone safe during the pandemic and improve your school’s operations.