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QManager Brings Order to School Dismissals

Too often, school dismissal is a time of controlled chaos. As the entire student population converges on the school lobby, students meet with friends, roughhouse, and head to multiple and varied destinations: after school activities, buses, and family cars or carpools. At the same time, school staff frantically thumb through a mountain of schedule change […]

Ten Qualities of a Good School Administrator

A school administrator is one of the figures with the greatest responsibility in educational institutions, especially at the basic and upper secondary levels.   Among the most important functions of the school administrator is decision-making. These decisions are related to the operation, organization, and administration of a school.   Public schools have an average of […]

Private Schools Face An Uphill Battle For Survival In A Post COVID-19 World

The ongoing pandemic may have a catastrophic impact on private education. Private schools are scraping to make ends meet as students migrate to public schools and government help fails to meet demands. The Government has to bail out private schools or see the consequences of their failure ripple through the entire educational system. The main […]

How QManager Keeps Schools Safe Through Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic is shaping out to be one of the greatest challenges in our nation’s history. The rapid spread of the disease has forced many industries and social sectors to take a break. While some activities may wait before they can safely resume, others, such as the education of our children cannot be in […]

How The U.S. Schools Tackle Challenges Imposed by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading like wildfire. At the time of this writing, it has already infected almost 4 million people around the world and has taken more than 300, 000 lives. The deadly disease impacts every aspect of what used to be our “normal lifestyle,” while urging us to stay in quarantine and practice […]

NCES: Correlation Between Student Attendance & Grades

“Access to accurate, timely data about whether individual students and groups of students regularly attend school is critical to making instructional and programmatic choices targeting student attendance behaviors.” – NCES (National Center for Education Statistics) Read the full report here and contact us if you’d like to capture accurate attendance data through technology.

Focus your dismissal automation in 2020

Dismissal is a lengthy process with many steps. Bringing children to the lobby, matching them with the right car, signing them out and keeping the driveway safe are the main components for dismissal. Automating the whole dismissal process can be intimidating. A lot of our customers pick one of the above steps and automate just […]

How Qmanager Saves Your School $10,000 per Year

As a school administrator, you surely know that managing a school is easier said than done. Between supervising the staff, overseeing the students and solving unexpected issues your day’s work is never done. On top of all that, you have to deal with school dismissal, which takes up time, patience, and most importantly, precious funds […]

Optimize the whole dismissal process, one tweak at a time

When we built QManager, we automated the whole dismissal process for schools and camps, and we did it 1 tweak at a time: So let’s look at the various leverage points during school dismissal: Children leave their classrooms and wait in the lobby area. As parents arrive, they sign their child(ren) out on a clipboard. […]

Will QManager work with our existing system?

We get this question from a lot of school directors who already have systems such as ProCare, Montessori Compass etc. working in their schools. Yes, QManager works in conjunction with any system! 70% of our current schools use QManager in addition to their main system; they export information from their system and we automatically upload […]