Dismissal Efficiency Software



Optimize the whole dismissal process, one tweak at a time

When we built QManager, we automated the whole dismissal process for schools and camps, and we did it 1 tweak at a time: So let’s look at the various leverage points during dismissal: Children leave their classrooms[…]

Why I built QManager

After parking my car around the corner from my daughter’s school driveway, I snuck into the lobby where school staff were monitoring children during dismissal. I waived at the teacher to send my daughter out. Just when[…]

A new solution for dismissal time chaos

Dismissal was truly my least favorite time of day as a teacher, and I can’t imagine that parents enjoyed it very much, either. I remember cars being lined up around the block nearly an hour before the[…]

Mo reports, Mo reports, Mo reports!

Since QManager captures timestamps for when children are dropped off and picked up electronically, we already have the daily attendance reports generated automatically from the portal. School staff can also generate reports back in time to see[…]

Bellevue Montessori Case Study

Q: What were some of the challenges your school faced related to the sign in and sign out of students at drop off and dismissal time? Holly: I think our biggest challenge was that signing in and signing[…]

Will QManager work with our existing system?

We get this question from a lot of Montessori School directors who already have systems such as ProCare, Montessori Compass etc. working in their schools. Yes, QManager works in conjunction with any system! 70% of our current[…]

Back to school for school administrators

Another summer has flown by and before you know it students will be back in their classrooms. This time of year always comes too quickly – for schools especially! While for many, summer is a time to[…]

Reach parents faster!

How often do you reach out to parents for announcements or maybe for alerts? “Reminder: this Monday is labor day, keep your kids home”; “Due to inclement weather, our school will close early, come get your kids[…]

Arrivals and dismissal, challenges and best practices

An organized arrival and dismissal process is essential for the security of students. It is crucial to plan this process strategically to reduce chaos during dismissal and reduce the leg work performed by school staff. We compiled[…]

How QManager makes Dismissal smooth

Parents take into consideration the quality of education, reputation, results, etc. when selecting a school for their children. However, what really shows the caliber of a school’s management and its dedication to the convenience of the parents,[…]