Anxiety Free Dismissal: A Fingertip Away

Anxiety Free Dismissal: A Fingertip Away

The bell rings. Little feet patter across the floor to their assigned cubby, grabbing their backpacks filled with school supplies and the few toys Mom or Dad let them bring in for recess. It’s the end of the day, and as belongings are collected, students make their way to the designated pick-up area. A group of friends begins to play a hand-game or with their toys from home. One or two students are lingering near the group, staring anxiously between their peers and the pick-up lines, wanting to be with their friends but nervous they’ll miss their ride if someone other than their parents came to pick them up. Twenty minutes pass and one child remains, waiting for a parent who forgot to let administration know they would be late. As a fellow classmate drives away, they yell from the window, pointing out the lone child was forgotten about again.

Going home at the end of the day is exciting for students and staff alike. Dismissal, on the other hand, can be a point of tension for everyone, even the designated rides for each child. With so many advancements in education-based technology, it only makes sense that a better system for end-of-day procedures is introduced, too.

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    That’s why we made QManager, an easy-to-use, mobile app to make your dismissal time tension free. Our app allows school administrators to keep track of dismissal notes, pick-up names, sign-out sheets, location of each child’s ride, and more. With a more streamlined process for dismissal, teachers are able to stay in the classroom with their students until notified of a parent’s arrival, allowing the students in turn to be able to play with their friends worry-free, allowing them to fulfill their emotional, social, and mental needs.

    If you’re ready to take the stress out of dismissal time and cherish precious time with your students, we’d love to discuss our product

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