Our Mission

Our mission is to help Schools take control of their arrivals and dismissal to enhance efficiency, security and safety all the while reducing use of paper and idling cars in their driveways.

“We appreciate the QManager team promptly responding to the solutions we’ve needed all these years.”

Susan Locke
(Bellevue Montessori)

It all started in Seattle

Dismissal can be time consuming and chaotic for staff and parents at Schools. As a parent in the Seattle area, Moazzam Ahmed encountered slow dismissal when he picked up his daughter from school. After several chaotic dismissals, Moazzam decided that there had to be a better way. Having over 17 years of technology and process improvement experience, he started working on a solution to help schools develop efficient dismissal processes. After bringing his idea to his daughter's school, a partnership was formed and in 2011 the QManager app was created.

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