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Carline Management. Digital Sign In-Out.
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School Dismissal Efficiency Software - Easy and Affordable with QManager
Cut Dismissal time by Half & Reduce Staff by 2
Carline Management
Make long wait lines in your driveway a thing of the past. Dismiss students from their classrooms only when their parent or carpool arrive. Move carlines smoothly and safely. Give teachers and staff valuable time back.
Digital Sign In-Out
Capture Sign In-Out timestamps digitally on parents' smartphones freeing staff from walking around with clipboards. Save time and tedious work by staff to search for historic timestamps. Meet state compliance.
Pickup Slips & Attendance
Be in the know and manage your campus with attendance and activity tracker reports. Manage carpool information digitally rather than paper or phone calls. Run monthly billing reports to find out tardy pick ups by parents.
COVID Readiness
Allow parents to take health screening from the safety of their cars. Monitor COVID-19 safety with student and staff wellness checks on our mobile app. Alert staff of possible infection exposure. Run health reports to keep your school safe.
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How It Works

QManager connects staff to parents through innovative technology. Parents run the QManager app as they enter the school driveway, and Sign their child In or Out. Staff and teachers see parents' location in the queue on the app and dismiss students in that order. Dismissal goes smoothly from beginning to end.

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