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The Many Benefits of a Dismissal Management System
Car line Management
QManager’s school pick up system makes long wait lines a thing of the past. Students are dismissed by their teacher only when their parent or carpool arrives and signs them out electronically. Therefore, car lines move smoothly and efficiently. No more car lines extending for miles. No more long wait times. No more students milling about looking for their ride. Also, teachers and administrators can get back to the business of education.
Preventing COVID-19’s Spread
QManager ‘s COVID safety software for schools can help prevent the infection’s spread. With the daily health screening questions that parents complete on their phone to fever alerts sent electronically to all staff, schools can easily implement contact tracing. Also, with QManager’s dismissal software, a minimum number of students are in the hallways or lobby at any time. QManager’s contactless sign in and sign out software also keeps parents in their cars.
Electronic Sign In-Out
Dismissal automation for schools puts an end to bulging form books, school staff spending the bulk of their day recording schedule changes, and frantic searches for the correct rides for students. Instead, parents or guardians simply sign their child in or out or make schedule or driver changes with their smartphone. Even last minute sign outs are authenticated with QManager’s digital signature verification system.
Attendance and Billing Reports on Demand
Through QManager’s dismissal management system, teachers can run up-to-the minute student attendance reports that show where and with whom each student is at any moment of the day—a crucial student tracking feature for emergencies or when a parent unexpectedly needs to pick up her child. QManager also provides instant billing reports, which saves staff save time and ensures accuracy.

Case Study with Bellevue Montessori

  • Why Susan decided to use QManager
  • How QManager saves Bellevue Montessori time and money
  • How Susan manages staff ratio with QManager
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With QManager’s cloud-based safe dismissal software, principals and administrators get control over chaotic dismissals. The software provides secure, electronic confirmation of any change in students’ schedules or emergency contacts. It also does away with time-consuming paperwork, freeing administrative staff to attend to other essential duties. Most importantly, to ensure student safety, QManager’s school safety software creates attendance reports on demand.


QManager relieves teachers of many extraneous duties. With its automated check in and check out procedures, teachers can see that a student can be dismissed to a validated adult with a quick glance at their screen. And they know they can get up-to-the minute attendance reports whenever needed. QManager lets teachers get back to the job they love—engaging their students in meaningful learning.


With QManager, parents can easily change their child’s schedule, sign their child into or out of school, or change authorized guardians. QManager’s car pass software also shortens their wait time when they pick their child up from school. Most importantly, the accountability systems built into QManager’s school dismissal software assures parents that their child is safe and where they are they are supposed to be every minute of the school day.
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How It Works

QManager is a simple, affordable school dismissal system that improves every aspect of school operations and dismissals:
  • Electronic sign in/out, digitized signatures, and time stamps increase accountability and improve student safety both during school and for after school programs.
  • Student dismissals are orderly and controlled as students are dismissed from class only when parents arrive at the school.
  • School staff can easily retrieve student tracking information from the administrative portal.
  • Paperwork and staff time are significantly reduced with electronic sign in/sign out procedures
  • Car line wait times and car lines are reduced significantly
  • Alerts and announcements are sent to parents electronically
  • Student attendance on school buses is tracked with bar codes
  • Attendance and other reports are available on demand
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