Dismissal Efficiency Software

We have reduced the number of staff needing to collect signatures and the line of cars moves much more efficiently.

Renee Thornton (Owner – Lakeside Schools)

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Organize dismissals for everyone
QManager saves time and money for parents, staff and teachers
School Staff

school staff see parents' location on an ipad and dismiss children in that order


Instead of idling in the driveway, parents
can go on with their day sooner

School Dismissal Software

Generate tons of reports at their


Spend more time with the students

School Driveway

Reduce staff needed at dismissal

Organize dismissals by taking charge of your driveway electronically.

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Electronic Sign In Sign Out
Save Paper
Capture parent signatures electronically and save on paper all the while speeding up dismissals
Save Time

Communicate with parents all at once or one by one saving valuable time.

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School Dismissal Manager

Testimonials …

Pease Communications – Midland Public Schools

“We started with our after-school program and expanded QManager use to the whole school”


Gabriel Salgado
School Principal

Jarrow Montessori

“We rolled out QManager to the whole school this year. Parents, teachers and administrators love it! Even the first day of school went smoothly.”


Susan Ferrier
School Director

Westminster Christian Academy

“The QManager team is helping us to streamline dismissal traffic. We consistently finish our traffic line between 15 and 20 minutes”


Jon Sonbuchner
IT Director

Bellevue Montessori

“QManager appealed to our school because it was efficient and also offered new security features for dismissal that we didn’t have before.”


Holly Pratt
School Administration

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