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Save $10,000 a year on Walkie-talkies, Paper & Staff Hours


Carline Management

See a virtual line up of parents in your driveway. Dismiss students from their classrooms only when their parent or carpool arrive. Give teachers and staff valuable time back.

Digital Sign In-Out & Carpool

Capture Sign In-Out timestamps digitally on parents’ smartphones freeing staff from walking around with clipboards.

A Few of Our School Clients

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    Maru Castillo Director @ Broward Montessori

    Review from Capterra: "One thing we love about QManager is that we have the list of Authorized Pickups readily available for the students."

    Michael Hayes School Administrator @ Mountain Village Charter School

    Easy to use with great customer support. Parents love that they can use their phone to sign out their children. Teachers love how it has cut dismissal time by half!

    Becky Reimer School Director @ St. James Episcopal

    It is very nice to no longer store paper copies of old census data. Having a drop off and pick up timestamp is very useful.

    Connie Montoya School Director @ Lakeside Montessori

    QManager is a great tool for managing signing children in/out of school, roll call, printable reports with signatures and instant notifications to parents. Since parents sign their child in/out on their phones, our driveway runs smoothly.

    How It Works

    Parents run the QManager app as they enter the school driveway. School staff see a virtual line up of parents on an iPad or browser so students can be dismissed in the correct order. Parents can also Sign the student In or Out from their phone.